these past few weeks... (pic heavy)

Man.. these past 3 weeks have been so busy, it's crazy. Then + jewelry orders from etsy/ebay.. no time for new designs! >.< Will make some soon..hopefully.

Just posting this to show i haven't disappeared ;]

One week after another.. 

Engagement party for bf's bro

Then there was a going away party for my bf's best friend..went off to the Air Force.
 (no pics for that)
Then this week a little mini road trip/getaway to Barona... casino hotel n resort. Bf got a free complimentary 2 nights stay
Lonngg hallway!

View from our room. 


King bed!
Watching Vampire Diaries ;] SEASON 2!!!

Food porn

Then yesterday was a BBQ party for the wedding of bf's marine bro, Jared and his new wife, Shayla :]

I feel so jewelry deprived! lol

3 swarovski crystals:

Romantico said...

It seems to me that you're successful with your business :) Good luck

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

look super fun and i like the food pics the most lol.

giang said...

aweeee! looks like you had a greatttt time!!! you look pretty at the weddding, babe! and barona looks like so much fun! hugs*