New bracelet pic (old design) nail polish color

 New pic of a popular bracelet:

Frosted Bracelet
6mm white crystallized pearls with "stardust" beads.  

And a little on the beauty side... 

Sinful Colors in Mint Apple

2 Coats
No base, no top coat

Really good! o: since this brand seems to fail sometimes

It's more of a green shade in person than in the reminds me of jade/that stone the asians use a lot in good luck stuff/other decor

Leaving town again Tonight-Friday/Saturday...prepare for another lack of posts lol. sorry.
Might get time to do one over the weekend.
So busy lately!!

4 swarovski crystals:

siwing said...

i've never seen that bracelet before! but it's so pretty!! it'll be my next purchase =D

Mets GirLL said...

I put it on backwards? LoL..I feel like such a boob!!

Iyah said...

You have nice nails!! :) Your cuticles aren't dry like mine.. and cute bracelet!! it reminds me of christmas balls that they hang on christmas trees :)

Erin said...

the bracelet is gorgeous! I have beads like that as well. And yeah it does kinda look like Christmas :)