Sorry I haven't been posting/made any new jewelry! As I said.. soo busy :[
soooo here's a little freebie...

Free First Class shipping (International & U.S. residents) for orders of:

Free Priority Mail shipping (U.S. residents only) for orders of:

All orders of $20+ will receive a sheet face mask at random ;]
(it can be either the brand of My Beauty Diary or Beauty Friends)
Beauty friends, I honestly REALLY like this brand. It's a Korean brand if I remember correctly.
I already made it free shipping via PayPal so you can use the buttons or e-mail  your order (and I will make you a detailed invoice).

FREE SHIPPING PROMO ENDS ....we shall see!


On side notes....

It's me and my boyfriend's anniversary on Oct 2nd :]

We were going to go on a day cruise to Catalina Island... but what do you know.. cancelled due to maintenance issues :[ so we have no idea what we're going to do now... lol. 

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Pop Champagne said...

congrats and hope you had a great anniversary with your bf!