New cluster bracelet & earrings

I'm sorry, these pics suck (the blue tint). those of you who are into photography..know why there's the blue LOL. I'm not home so I can't get good pictures right now.
I really like the colors of this cluster =] I saw the green pearl color...and just had to get it cuz i liked it so much. and here's what it created!

Don't judge the name of this bracelet... I couldn't think :/
Love's Enchantment Cluster Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins
Silver heart toggle clasp
Swarovski Crystals & crystallized pearls
3 10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Crystal Clear

Angelic Earrings
Sterling Silver hooks, pins & rings
Swarovski Crystals & crystallized pearls

Caribbean Vacation Earrings
Sterling Silver hooks & pins
Swarovski Crystals & crystallized pearls

Come Fly Earrings
Sterling Silver hooks & pins
Swarovski Crystals

3 swarovski crystals:

siwing said...

pretty ! i love the green too !

~Lisa said...

I love the Angelic Earrings!

Pop Champagne said...

the clustered bracelet is quite pretty!!