Jewelry aside..2 new beauty faves

The next morning edit: omg my palm on the pinky side of my hand is swollen >.
mark.'s making eyes shadow duo in down to earth.
I'm definitely in love with this. I got it in a love pack from Mel. Thank you girl <3 I only use netural makeup colors.. and I love the lighter browns to have a slight shimmer and the darker to be less shimmery/more matte. This duo has the eyeshadows just as that! They go on extremely smooth too =] 
sorry, not really a review on it, just posting that I really like it :p

I've been looking for a cream to soothe my sore hands (for like the past week I've been looking). 
My hands are actually so sore today that I couldn't even open a candy bag :[ (the big halloween pack ones). It's mainly my thumbs that hurt & my right pinky.
But i'm just really picky. It has to be a good price for the size, smell decently nice/not too strong.. not greasy.. etc. I was at Wal-Mart today staring at the creams (didn't want a lotion) for about 10-15minutes. Picking up one..then putting it down...couldn't make up my mind (poor Jordon must have been suffering! lol). 
Finally,...I just gave in and grabbed this one (about $5.50 i think) so I didn't have to keep Jordon waiting any longer, lol. I didn't think I would like it...but wow I LOVE it. It's a cream..and it's not greasy (yay!) since most are. It has a light, fresh scent that's not too over powering. 

After I finish this bottle, I'm definitely purchasing it again.

I also took some celebrex >.< hopefully that helps too

I made probably 1 order from the blog today, 3 from eBay just to get a few done...gosh that hurt to do lol. I'm not gonna do anymore tonight. Hopefully my hands will feel better tomorrow from about a 2 days rest. (need to go all out jewelry making this weekend!! Especially since Jordon will be at work).

Jordon & I went to Wild Rivers today... i had fun except I scraped my knee in the lazy river before we left, lol. It burns!! Then.. we had Olive Garden for dinner...then went home & now relaxing...probably sleep very soon too! It's so early for me to sleep right now though! Lately been going to sleep around 3-4am.... :/ doing jewelry! lol! Then I wake up around 10ish getting only about 6-7 hours of sleep for the past month. Crazzyyy

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~Lisa said...

Aww, hope your hand heals soon!!

& I hope I find that cream at my Walmart! I'm almost out >_<

Rachel said...

Hope you feel better soon! you should take a day/night to yourself and not do anything too demanding on your hands!