Busy, Busy, Birthday, Busy, Busy

So I decided to list some ear cuffs on eBay, the last time I did it, I only listed about 10 total. (probably about a year ago). Then a few months ago, I listed 5 at "buy it nows" at how much i sell it at now. 

Now I said screw it, I'll list it at .99 cent auctions with $2.50/$3 shipping. people are bidding & winning, yay!

I had a brilliant idea with all this stuff o:
Elf anyone? haha ;]
 I decided to buy some of the "best sellers with the 50% off.. and resell em! LOL. People are actually buying them...mainly the powder brush ;]. all out of the countriers are buying it mainly... 
Does elf not ship out of the country...only US & Canada?
Because a lot are UK, Ireland, Spain, Australia.. etc.
So lately, I've been really busy with eBay and Etsy.com orders. I think so much, that my right thumb is hurting...!! My forearm too, but I'm not sure if that's from playing those basketball games at Dave & Busters on my birthday, or from jewelry. Probably both, lol.

That's basically what I've been up to.
I didn't do anything crazy for my birthday, I'm not really into all that, even if it's the special age to do so :p 
I just hung out with Jordon the whole day. 
Just being with the close people in my life is good enough for me.
I don't like bars.

I love movies..and needed more printer ink, so boyfriend got me Bounty Hunter, Cop Out, Clash of the Titans & printer ink, lol. <3 ty babe.

 ..I should have taken more pictures.
I actually didn't even feel close to drunk!! only a tad buzzed, but it was nothing that I wasn't able to control. I got soooo full.
Jordon & I went to Olive Garden to lunch.. here's my finished drink lol, Mai Tai. I wanted more but I was fulllll!!
My freebie dessert!

Then we went to Dave & Busters for the afternoon, I had 3 drinks.. I wanted more but FULL OMG.
Tropical Mojito! I had two of these & some other Mango drink I don't remember what lol.

Then... we went home to my house & went to El Torito's Taco Tuesday Happy hour with my parents. I should have taken pics here! I got a Lava Colada (Pina colada drink). Of course i wanted more again..but so full lol. Lots of chips n salsa. Got tacos & a cheese & chorizo dip. And a free flan for my birthday! 
Maybe soon I'll try and makeup for it, lol.

KAYLA, ARE WE STILL GONNA GO OUT? so maybe I can get at least tispy this time haha. Celebrate my birthday babeeee!! ;]

Dont forget my giveaway...!!
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Rachel said...

Sounds like a great birthday!! =) I hope it was just as much fun as it sounds!!

~Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

And good luck with all those orders!!


Sherry said...

happy belated birthday :D