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Random birthday is this coming Tuesday! (Aug 3rd)
I'm excited =]

Just a re-taken picture of a necklace I've already made:

Anyone interested in buying sports jerseys for $60 ea? My boyfriend sells them.
You can look at that website for an idea, but he can get any jersey. Just e-mail him if you're interested! :]
My late night meal tonight. A bit of behind the scenes of Jujubeads Jewelry!

The girls and I have been talking about lippies, and taking pictures of our stashes. I don't have a lot, I mean, I don't even have a lot of make up! I can fit that blue box with ALL my makeup, I don't have that much lol.

I'm in a huge e.l.f. mood now, and I bought a few elf things from Target.. 
which I'm probably gonna get more. And a HUGE order from with their BESTSELLERS code.....if you get what i mean.. you probably know what I'm gonna do with my HUGE order cuz it's not all for me... :p

I dyed my hair black! I'm not liking it honestly.. it was Jordon who wanted me to do it! I'll stick to doing dark brown if I dye it then... I used to have like multi-colored brown haha. Jordon likes black/dark D:
Edit: i think the paleness has something to do with the flash/lighting too. cuz i'm DEF not that light LOL. filipino tan!!

I'm having an obsession with facial masks lately. my skin is so nice from using them 2-4 times every week!

5 swarovski crystals:

Lulu said...

i think dark hair makes your skin look really fair, and u r skin looks really nice and flawless, must be all those masks you are doing, good job babe :)

yay for lippies collection. ELF is having another sale? uhoh...

Rachel said...

The black hair washes you out I think, it looks like you have vitiligo or something. Or multiple skin tones, which isn't natural. I liked your old hair color! Maybe your makeup? Try a darker foundation and see how you like it!

You have more lip stuff than I do! I like to wear this light pink lip gloss at Temple, it's modest enough to not offend the Zionists, and it really flatters my skin tone. Which gloss do you normally use? Your lips always look really nice.

Juli said...

@Rachel Yea I think that too. Also that it looks TOO black/fake. The paleness of the pic probably had something to do with the flash/lighting too because I'm definitely not that light! (I used a Missha BB perfect cover #23, the darker one.

I'm going to buy a dark brown dye tomorrow (which is what I used before this and I liked it. Looked great with bronzey makeup looks)

I use a lot of neutral brown colors. I'm not really into the pinks/muaves/other random colors! I like to try to keep things natural.

giang said...

juli, i like u with black hair!!! it'll take getting used to when u look at yourself, but from an outsider's perspective, i love it! keep it! after a while it'll fade into dark brown, too! so best of both worlds

~Lisa said...

Naww, you're probably just not used to it. I think you look great!!

& you're so lucky that you can get ELF at targets! I can only get it online in Canada, as I cant' find any store that sells them =(