Necklaces (Hello Kitty too..)

The Key To Happiness Necklace
1.5" Heart key charm with a 14mm Swarovski Heliotrope heart on a Sterling Silver bail.

Majestic Moonlite Necklace
16mm White Opal Swarovski pear drop on a Sterling Silver bail & Sterling silver chain
Hello Kitty Charm Necklace
Which Charm?

New pictures of previously made items:

3 swarovski crystals:

Rachel said...

I like the colors you use, I just don't understand some of the names, or the use of Hello Kitty. The crystal on the Key to Happiness necklace is a very pretty blue, though.

Why did you start making Hello Kitty jewelry, just wondering? I know a girl from Temple who wears HK jewelry now and then, and it usually looks tacky. Your pieces are much better than hers of course, I doubt she makes them herself.

Juli said...


I originally bought the charms for 4 girls I talk to & for these crazy teenager girls (that love Hello Kitty) on a forum I sell my jewelry on.

Liana said...

omg those hello kitty ones are so cute!