Quicky post of jewelry

 I've been wanting to make a new post lately but it was a busy weekend!
I have at least one exam each week..soon 2 >.< ...caught up on jewelry orders, helped Jordon move into a new/bigger room.. then went to an Angels game tonight! It's seriously going to be really busy for me with this class... a 4 unit 8 WEEK class.. crazy! I'm doing pretty good so far though :] ..

I got new Hello Kitty charms today!  Sorry I'm lazy to take a picture >.<

I'll add these to their designated categories tomorrow!

My first threaders!
Golden Drops Earrings
14k GF threader earrings with 8mm Swarovski Light Colorado (sorry the actual shade is a bit more brown than pictured). $7

All Black Ear Cuff
Except the stud of course :p This should be self explanatory! Single sided. $3.50

Oh My Stars Ear Cuff
Wire cuff with star charms $3

Simple Stars Ear Cuff Set
Self explanatory.. :p I hope!


2 swarovski crystals:

Pop Champagne said...

hope your exams went well! And man I wish my ear isn't so sensitive that I can weear more fun dangly earrings!

Lulu said...

oo where do i see hello kitty charms? :p yeaaa make long necklaces!! :)