Love packs & sale

Ahh there's something in my eye and it won't go away x_o for the past 2 hours :[

more jewelry should be posted along the day :]

Don't forget the saleeeeeeeee & giveaway!!

 applies once in each category.

Buy Two Regular Priced Earrings - get one from the Clearance Earrings section for free

Buy Two Regular Priced Necklaces - get one from the Clearance Necklaces section for free

Buy Two Regular Priced Bracelets - get one from the Clearance Bracelets section for free

Buy Two Ear Cuffs / Sets - get one free 

Sale lasts until June 6th at 12am PST

You will have to e-mail me your order for this to work (... such as you can order the regular stuff through the PayPal buttons... then e-mail me telling me that your ordered two, blah blah, and let me know which earring/necklace/bracelet you want from the clearance section. Or you can just e-mail me the order all together and I can send you an invoice.

Remember, you don't need PayPal to purchase o:
Giveaway link on the right side bar :]

Love packs from May and Lulu!! Thank you so much :D
More masks to add to my collection...YEEEEEEEES *evil laughter* >.< mask obsession! Milk tea!! ahh! I've always wanted to get some, but I've only seen them sold in HUGE packs (about 2-3 years ago though LOL)... not individual packages. I look forward to drinking them & using the masks :]

Enjoying lunch with Jordon & some packages :]
(...they're where the flowers & pepsi are :p)

I felt like you girls send me more stuff than you should have! Now I want to send you more :p haha

5 swarovski crystals:

siwing said...

is GREEN MAX a drink or a mask ? either way, it looks cool. !! haha.. i love green tea !!

Juli said...

green max is a drink lol

Dina (XYYan) said...

Sweet packages! Enjoy those goodies :)

Lulu said...

lolll you know they should come out w/ a green tea mask lol :p

i can't wait to see more of your HK creations! yayyyy

<33 you! <3

Mets GirLL said...

You are becoming like the mask queen lol. Yes, that BB cream sucks and I saw my package was sent out and I'm tomorrow I'm leavin on vaca. At least I will have something fun to come back to!