Golden Blossoms Necklace & 2 bracelets..

Golden Blossoms Necklace
16" necklace. Gold flower toggle clasp, 6mm Swarovski Crystal Golden Shadow bicones, Swarovski Rondelle spacers and Crystallized cream pearls. $17
These were custom requested. :]
Sweet Cutie Version 2 Bracelet

Evening Nights Version 2 Bracelet

4 swarovski crystals:

Iyah said...

Golden Blossoms is so pretty!! I'm happy to have one of your works Juli!! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

The necklace and the bracelets are so pretty! :)
ryc: Yup, there's no other people there as we went to the beach on weekday :D

May said...

the golden blossoms necklace is beautiful. good job juli:)

Lulu said...

love love lovethe golden blossoms necklace! i just received your package today, my silver blossoms is soooo pretty! I am so happy to own JUJUBEADS jewelry :D *hugs and kisses*