More Custom Ordered Bracelets...

Farming jewelry this weekend! O_O

I'm gonna make a non-cluster Hello Kitty bracelet / earrings soon D=

Twilight Angel in Black Diamond Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins.
Star & Wing charms. Thin round toggle clasp.
Swarovski Crystals, Crystallized pearls & glass beads.

Girl's Day Bracelet
Light rose crystallized pearls & crystal AB Swarovski bicones. 

4 swarovski crystals:

Anonymous said...

OMG! The Twilight Angel in Black Diamond Bracelet is SO PRETTY!!! Are you recreating custom bracelets? Or creating similar bracelets?

Mansi said...

:) i love it! seeee i told you i would! :D ok im placing my order nowww hehehehe ^^

Iyah said...

Pretty grey bracelet!! This will be so nice on the steel grey nail polish! Yay!!!

Kym said...

normally, i have a phobia of clusters but this cluster I LIKEEYYYY!!! its been a while since i've been here but its good to be back to blogging/blog hopping!