Free Shipping Weekend :]

I decided I wanted to do another Free Shipping Weekend!
 Also, don't forget, that with every order comes with an E.L.F. product at random :]
Such as eyeliner pen, lipgloss, eyeshadow, blush..
And maybe a few other little goodies, haha. 

How does the Free Shipping work?
-Free First Class shipping will go to those who spend $12 or more on jewelry through this site. It works within the U.S. & Internationally. 
-To get the free shipping, you must e-mail me what you're interested in getting so that I can send you an invoice (Unless somehow the checkout process with the carts lets you check out without ordering shipping o_o). 

Yes.. the shipping will also be applied on Juicy items I have haha

Remember, you don't need PayPal to pay! Yay :P

I will be working on some new jewelry additions today & tomorrow. I started last night, but personal stuff came up.

The Free Shipping Promo will end Monday 5/17 @ 12pm PST.

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Pop Champagne said...

ohh just saw your other pair of juicy silver earrings ahhhh now I want them too but gotta saveeeee!! hehe hope you had a fab weekend!