Mini jewelry update

Ooh I'm getting a decent amount of orders in now that I'm actually running out of a few crystal & stuff o_o The places I order my supplies from are taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever. I need to really keep a closer track of my inventory. I think I have something, but when i look...I don't >_< I guess Ill just order a ton of stuff that I need right now ...haha. 
So I'm sorry those of you who are going to get their orders later than expected. I appreciate your patience!

I'm planning on making Paypal buttons for the items that don't have any (such as some ear cuffs), so bear with me til then :P 

Jordon is going to a group project meet up for one of his classes soon, so I'll most likely make a cluster bracelet, or two ;D cause i feel like making some right now :] I was running low on headpins so i stopped making them. I wanna make one with a wing & crown o; I'm really into the wing & crown charms I have right now, lol.

Also.. VS Lipsticks/Eyeshadows supply is out! I'm thinking about giving away something else for orders, something nice too, but I'm dead right now :P maybe I'll go to Wal-mart while Jordon's gone and see what ideas I get! :P

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