Free VS eyeshadow/lipstick with order...bagels!

I have some Victoria's Secret cream eyeshadows & lipsticks that I would like to giveaway in some orders!
Therefore, the next orders that I will get, starting from this post, will get a free Victoria's Secret cream eye shadow or lipstick :] While supplies last, so hurry!

Fresh bagels!!! I love their berry cream cheese. I haven't had this place in ages. It's called Bagel Shack. I got...chocolate chip, swiss, egg, everything & french toast flavored. They have a lot more but if I get more I won't finish them! I guess it's a bagel diet for the boyfriend and I this week!!
I've lost 4 pounds since last Wednesday ;D that was probably water weight though.

MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY CALL OF DUTY! My computer subwoofer sounds so awesome though hahaha
We got his Xbox hooked up on to my computer!

6 swarovski crystals:

Denysia said...

OMG, that bagel looks so delicious! I just want to eat it right now! I haven't had bagels in forever!

Sherry said...

VC cream or shade, I no try before.

Sherry said...

VS I don't see selling here but I seen some local blog did but every expensive its like over MYR$100 to purchase them. I can't afford. :(

With Love, Elle said...

0o I want VS coz we aint got it in aus >.<

xoxo elle
ps: gears of war 3 trailer is out!!! april 8th 2011 arghhhh too long to wait!

With Love, Elle said...

i wanna get something for a blogger at TX so i'll get your bracelet (giv me a day to determine wic she will like ya)

xoxo elle

Sherry said...

about water weight how you get rid of it?