Random video, giveaway, gym...random talk again :P new jewelry soon

Ooooooh!! 100 followers giveaway is now over. I will announce the winner ...maybe the end of this week, beginning of next. Jordon asked me how I was going to pick a winner, and I told him I was going to make a video of me picking the winner out of a bag of the names, then he said "I should pick it," half joking, I guess. Then I got all excited..and I'm going to make him now :P
He's already frigging pretty involved in my blog since I mention him in every post (not intentionally! :P I guess THAT SHOWS HOW MUCH I LIKE YA HHEHHEUHHHHHHUUHH) might as well have him in my video :P

I was going through backgrounds for my ipod touch, and found this one that I really liked, it said:
"I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else. 
I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself. 
I'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart."

Surprisingly, my legs aren't hurting as much as I thought they were going to today! =] Depending on how much they hurt this morning, that was my decision to go to the gym or not. Jordon had his private training session at 10am..he set his alarm for 9:15. I woke up at like 9 but still stayed in bed....alarm goes off, he shut it off
......then here comes his brother telling him to call someone, Jordon says he can't because he has a gym thing at 10... his brother, Joey, "well you're not going to make it, it's 10" hahhaha. So he jumps up starts getting ready and is all like "lets gooo babyyy" Me: "what the hell you can't instantly wake up, and expect a girl to be ready in a minute! :[" We gotta at least wash our face, put moisturizer on and brush our teeth, man!! Then it took longer since he had to jump start his car, ha (his car battery was dying since he came back from Vegas. Got a new one now though!...horrible timing, since it's been pouring rain.)
Sooo whatever I washed my face & brushed my teeth, and did whatever else I had to do in the car haha. Clothes..I already had my gym pants/shirt on because I figured this situation might happen LOL. Since my legs are still kind of bleh, I just stayed on a bike the whole time (the type you can relax on :P) okay not the whole time, about 40 minutes. then I did a few leg things on weights..and an abs thing.

Anyone interested in how the weather is in SUNNY southern California?
Or what it looks like around where I live/see my house? :P haha.
This is from the freeway near Anaheim, going south from there to where I live~

Yes, this is odd weather for us Southern Californians...we're not used to this weather! :P
I do stuff like this when I'm bored. I cut out the silent parts so it may seem like it's "jumping" around haha.


I'll probably get boring, but you get to watch a car cut us off near the end of the vid!
I think I sounded annoying in the video...D: haha... I don't normally talk/sound like that!...I think... >_>
Sorry if you get dizzy watching! I TRIED to hold it as still as I could.
Jordon's so quiet in it =[

I had a different youtube account, but I decided to make a new one~ :P

It's supposed to rain all week!

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