Happy New Years!...and button update

Yeaaaaaaahhh I finally finished the bracelets! without the buttons being retarded. Okay.. they were a little :[ ...earrings will be fun to do haha....anyway......
I hope you all had a nice New Y ears =D I did~
I just spent the past two days (and one night) at Jordon's. Very nice :] Got my first tipsy moment! haha. I wanted to know what it was like to be tipsy :o I'll NEVER want to go to the point of being drunk. I'd like to remember what happens thank you very much :P
Did any of you watch that dude Travis whatever jump/"fly" in a car, on the Long Beach harbor or whatever? Craaaaaaaaaaaaazy stuff.

I want to finish with the other buttons but that will take foreeeeeever and I'm tired :[

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Blair said...

Happy New Year Juli!