So I know i haven't really updated lately. Been busy with life! mwhaha. I haven't made any new jewelry. Well, I made one or two things, but I was too darn lazy to take a picture....
It's almost the last week of school! Ahhhh. Two weeks left. I have my afternoon/night class today.. I really don't want to go but I have to :[ The teacher drives me crazy. She's a psycho health nut and environmentalist...sometimes I just want to tell her to shut it and smack her upside the head D: I mean..the class is about healthy aging..she looks like she's what...in her 60s? and she so does NOT look healthy AT ALL, when she's always saying she's healthy, what the hell. She's so full of herself too. Meh. It was the only available class for Gerontology anyway.

The results for the November jewelry contest will be in soon.

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