Sanctuary's January Jewelry Contest

It's time to start the New Year with another contest! More chances to win free stuff, yay! =P

This will be the 3rd monthly jewelry contest I've held. I skipped out on December. November's winner was Meiko from Soompi Forums. Click this link to see the post on how the contest went :]

So, here are the basics to get entered:
1. Of course, most importantly, take a picture wearing some sort of jewelry made by me, from Sanctuary Jewelry :] Submit that picture to me by e-mailing me it to me. Note, your picture WILL appear on this page for others to see, and help me determine the winner at the end of the month.
2. *try* to make the picture highest quality as you can :]
3. Remember, the focus of the picture should be on the jewelry, not mainly you :P I know it's hard..even when I tried haha. :[
4. Spread the word if you can! :]
5. Please advertise it in your blog/site if you would like ^.^
6. This contest is open worldwide, yay!

Winner will receive...

Thanks, and have fun, girls!
 The Contestants

2 swarovski crystals:

Kym said...

great contest! good luck to all participants... i dont own any sanctuary jewelry (yet) :)

happppy new year to you and yours! <3

Genejosh said...

wow nice can it be I don't own a sanctuary jewelry:(