Color tagged by Kassi

Visit Kassi's blog here. She takes BEAUTIFUL pictures, and is very beautiful herself ;] I'm jealous! haha.
Color you pick 7 things in whatever color you were tagged for, take pictures of them, post and tag more people! :D
Well... I was tagged for the color purple. It was kind of hard for me to find 7 things in the color purple, I don't have that many purple things! Blue and black would have been the easiest for me! haha. Anyway, here are my choices.

earrings with the color purple! these ones are popular..this is my personal pair ;]

two purple things in the same picture! a lavender candle and this glass fairy thing i have ;p

lavender scented pouch thingy!

a hand fan thing that i have, with purple flowers

purple shirt~

and my favorite..that doesn't have purple, so i had to stick a purple swarovski crystal in it ;p
because i just HAVEEEE to post it.

the picture keychain was a gift from Jordon :] i love it~

Okay...I color tag:

For the color orange!

For the since she's done orange :P

7 swarovski crystals:

Blair said...

Merry Christmas Juli!

Eeeep... orange?!!! That's a hard colour!

amynaree said...

Happy Holidays! What a fun tag, ooooh orange that's a fun one :) Hopefully I have a lot of orange stuff lol

Kym said...

=O you cheated on that last photo! hahaha jk jk! belated merry christmas! :)

Zoe said...

Merry Christmas..
Nice purple stuff, i love the earings, the fairy glass and the fan with purple flowers^^

Thanks for tagging me but I have already done an orange tag before, can u change the color for me?
ha ha ha....

Iyah said...

Ohhh! yes yes love that earrings!! one of the earrings I got!! ^_^ Btw I got it.. I just have to take pictures of it. Expect it within this week or hopefully sooner. If not, I'll post it as soon as I can :D Thank you for the extra and the candies! :D Expect me to order again soooonnn.. :P I'm so addicted to earrings! ahahaha! They're great gifts though :)

Iyah said...
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Toothfairy said...

the purple shirt looks nice!
Kym, she didn't cheat, as in the second pic, there are two purple things! :P