2 day summary....

First of all... Jordon ditched me to work over-time today!! :[!!!! *mad* lol nah it's okaaaaaaaaay~

Anyway! :]

Usually, i'm home all the time, but surprisingly today, I haven't been! ...yesterday too! lets see..yesterday i left the house at 7:30am just for the post office...and there was already a line outside! wow! crazy stuff. I was like the 6th person in line (they open at 8). by the time i left around 8:15am, the parking lot was already full, that's nuts... so in conclusion.......... i'm NOT going to the post office EVERY AGAIN THIS YEAR lol.

I shipped out a lot of your jewelry gals, so keep on the look out for them =D you'll probably get them next week. Especially since most of you live in California, and so do i :]

After that... i went directly to Jordon's house and hung out with him all day. Went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory because I had a $20 gift certificate. I don't normally go there because it's so gosh darn expensive! I ordered this random salad because it's different from what I'm used to seeing on menu's. I think it was called the Luau Salad. Wow, it was actually better than I thought! it reminded me of sushi .. lol i think it was the two different dressings they used.

Yummy :o poor Jordon, by the end of the meal he was in the sun :[
We went to the mall after that....then just hung out at his house. I left around uhhh...11pm.

Then now today! I woke up at 11 hahahah (OKAY I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN FOR LIKE WEEKS :[ for serious~) ..took a shower, got ready..went to Target,..craft store, Target again (haha), Albertsons, home, made a sandwich for Jordon & i, went to Jordon's work on his break, ate/talked/whatever, ..came home..washed my car's wheels because they were like black and I'm too darn lazy to wash the whole car (yessss I wash my own car, car wash people SUCK at it..especially the wheels) so yeah. now i'm here! i'm tireeeeeeeeeed. but probably not as tired as Jordon will be after his crazy 13~14 hour shift!

Okay, that's what happened with me the past two days, lol. I have some new bracelet designs I really want to make, so I shall get started on those, along with wrapping Jordon's presents!!

Makeuuuuuuuuuup question!~
Oh, and one more thing, I need some makeup advice! My skin on my face is always dry :[ (mainly because of this acne medicine i use, but i always put this moisturizer on top, which is Pond's dry skin cream) then during the day/morning, i use Aveeno Positively Radiant under whatever makeup i use. so i was wondering...what foundations are good for dry skin? i just bought Covergirl's aqua something to try that one out... YES I'M CHEAP, so don't name some  $20+ foundation lol. :[ sorryyyyyy

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Zoe said...

Luau Salad looks really good , I didn't get much sleep these few weeks too T T ..
Maybe Revlon coz many girls who have acne problems use it and get good results^^

Toothfairy said...

That salad looks so yum, I love salads!

ah, I feel you on the sleeping part, insomnia helloooo... :S

Merry christmas