Today...and tons of new jewelry!

Soo....Jordon and I were going to go to Disneyland today. I arrived at his house around 10am..when we got to Disneyland, the line was just PACKED. The CAR line OUTSIDE the park..was packed haha. So much for wanting to go on Veteran's Day! My friend Kayla said she thinks it's because veterans get in free today, maybe, not sure.
Instead, we went back to his house for a bit.. I sat around while he played the new Call of Duty game.... (haaa.......zzzz.. :P). Then we went to Olive Garden (I actually, practically, finished my food! I never do) and hung around at the mall. I left around 5:30pm since he has a bowling thing at 6.

And...onto the jewelry! I spend last weekend and Monday just making tons of new designs. I was trying to get in a lot before the holidays since I haven't had many new designs lately. I won't post them here on this post because there's a lot haha. Anyway, if you're interested in seeing the new pieces, please use the links on the sidebar =D

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