Switching back to blogspot

So I deleted all the previous posts on here and I'm gonna start over. I did originally have this on wordpress..but I like the followers option on here. And a rant..........
omg my caaaaaaaaaar ;( I was making a left turn, with a truck in front of me. Some Audi pulls out infront of the truck, from a bus stop...cuts off the truck in front of me, and the Audi just stopped in the middle of the road.  So, obviously the truck has to slam on his breaks, and so do I. I would have been able to stop if it weren't for the rain...I mean, I felt my car stopping, then as soon as my tires hit the wet paint from the crosswalk... :( those ball tow things jammed a hole into my baby :( all I did to him was leave a dent in his bumper...ugh. I want to kill the Audi that pulled out in front of the truck.

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