Disneyland pass and my car :] new necklace

Oooh I get my car back tomorrow!! =D I miss her..yes... it's a HER!! I took advantage of having a rental car this week, and visited Jordon everyday haha. I love that car's mileage/tank..but it's a 4-cylinder.. it sounds so funny when you punch the gas..it's all high pitched. I miss my V6's sound~. I've always loved the way the Saturn's engine sounded, even when it's idle. Ever since my dad got it (because it was his car first), I just loved it.

I got a Disneyland annual pass, finally!! =D We were originally going to buy the $150 pass, the lowest one, (there are 4 total) but he looked on craigslist, found someone selling two 5 day pass tickets which had a credit of $200 on them, that could be upgraded to annual passes. $100 each. At first I was like.. I wonder if it will actually work. And it did =D

.........my dad and Drew said I seem happier since I got with Jordon. Apparently it's true........ there are a lot of =D's in this post.

It's Jordon's 21st birthday tomorrow, oh boy. We're going to go out to lunch with his mom, hang around, I have to go pick up Liz (driving gig job I have) then drive down to Carlsbad near Oceanside, to some place there where all his other brothers went for their 21st.

I've been so busy all week..haha. New necklace!

It's a 10mm Heliotrope swarovski heart on a sterling silver bail. With black swarovski rondelles. :]

Also.. a new picture for one of the bracelets I have made already:

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